Helios Royal Energy is presenting the first-ever porous silicon chip based Lithium Metal rechargeable battery technology developed in the United States with unprecedented proven capacity. This remarkable new type of battery has been developed under the radar to ensure the quality and performance is real and repeatable for mass production.  As an example, this battery will not only greatly increase the distance you can travel on a single charge in an electric vehicle compared to what is available in today’s market, but will also be much safer due to the fact that the battery cannot explode or catch fire.

Key points of the battery technology:

  • Cannot explode
  • Cannot catch fire
  • Significantly faster charging time
  • Faster release of energy (quicker acceleration for automobiles)
  • Lighter than lithium-ion batteries
  • Smaller than lithium-ion batteries
  • Up to four times the energy density compared to available batteries on the market

Demonstration of the Powerchip being punctured while still performing.