xHT™ Battery (eXtreme High-Temperature Battery): A conventional rechargeable lithium ion battery optimized for high temperature (HT) operations (> 350C) and extended life. This translates to an equivalent upfront capital cost (as compared to a non-differentiated low-cost product), with 2X to 3X longer life, thereby leading to lower LCOE (levelized cost of electricity) by 30 – 35%. Over two hundred systems have been deployed primarily in India.

Key highlights – xHT Battery

  • Fast charging, light weight, long life cycle, and highly  compact system
  • XNRGI proprietary BMS designs
  • Double pulse resistance binning – sorts the cells for better performance
  • Remote telemetry for pack monitoring (IOT) – monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Individual bad cell identification in a pack – cost reduction and optimization
  • I-beam pack design for cell replacement – cost reduction and optimization
  • XNGRI’s xHT battery’s electrolyte does not use LiPF6 (Lithium hexafluorophosphate)
    • “F” is replaced with –NH2 radicals.
    • Does not generate HF (Hydrofluoric acid)
    • Results in no swelling and longer battery life therefore reduced overall operating cost.

The rendered 3D image is but an example of the customization options available. The battery can be manufactured in different shapes, sizes and storage capacities to fit the intended device.