Helios Royal Energy Presents

The Water & Shock Proof Power Strip

As demonstrated in the videos, this versatile power strip can be submerged into water safely while still distributing electricity without electrocuting the person. Additionally, the power strip will also prevent the user from being electrocuted when putting objects into the openings of the strip.

The Shock Proof Wall Outlet

The same shock proof technology that went into the power strip has been applied to the wall outlet. Through our proprietary anti-shock technology, our wall outlets can be safely installed in homes where children and pets are present.

What can be witnessed in the videos are not just proof of concept, but proof of manufacturing where the manufacturing process has reached full automation in preparation for mass production. This revolutionary technology can make it’s way to your home, office, factory, store, apartment building etc. today.


Core functions

1. Anti-overload function: Once the electrical appliance and the line exceed the set threshold, the power can be cut off in about 5 milliseconds preventing potential disasters. When the power is used again, the smart chip completes the detection in an instant and immediately restores the power.

2. Arc Prevention: The internal contacts of the socket are made of pure silver with good thermal conductivity, which greatly reduces the arc spark during the plug insertion and removal process.

3. Waterproof function: Due to the intelligent programming of the built-in smart chip, when water and electricity are mixed, the power can be cut off in an instant, which plays a strict protective role. The product can be immersed in 1-meter deep water for 7 hours to achieve IP7 waterproof rating.

4. Anti-shock function: With the built-in smart chip, only the two-way or three-way trigger jack internal structure can conduct electricity, avoiding the instantaneous ionization phenomenon, and thus also playing the role of arc prevention.

5. Smart safety socket: This device will collect the electric energy sensor of the electric energy data in the circuit, the temperature control chip, the anti-overflow device composed of the measuring chip, the single chip microcomputer and the relay (pictured).


It is applied to the charging station main unit and the terminal socket to form a complete electric fire prevention charging device to kill the fire hazard in the cradle.

6. Anti-overflow waterproof anti-electric shock socket: In order to realize various functions such as anti-overflow and waterproof and anti-shock, the electronic protection that this device comprises are: an electric sensor, a measuring chip, a temperature control chip, a single chip microcomputer and a relay for collecting electric energy data in the circuit, wherein the measuring chip, and the electrical sensor are connected;

the single chip is connected with the measuring chip; the single chip is connected with the temperature control chip; the relay is connected with the single chip. In order to achieve waterproof and electric shock prevention, the socket housing and the two socket components are realized together, and the socket assembly is set in the socket housing, and the effect is achieved by using a patent with completely independent intellectual property rights, using mechanical design, line control and sophisticated technology. Once the power of the electronic appliance exceeds the protection range, the power is automatically cut off in about 5 milliseconds (with 9 active protection functions)


The Power Strip Opened Up

The Wall Outlet Opened Up

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