In a joint effort, Helios Royal Energy (HRE) was founded with its Saudi, Egyptian, Ukrainian, Chinese, Japanese, Swedish, Nigerian, Swiss, Indian, Canadian and American partners to create a new energy company utilizing the most advanced technology this planet has to offer including;

HRE is committed to electrifying the entire continent of Africa with its 1.2 billion citizens. Countries such as Nigeria, where over 200 million people have little or no access to stable electricity, will have power 24 hours a day. This will substantially increase the living standard for everyone, creating jobs and business opportunities that cannot exist without a reliable and dependable supply of electricity.

The technology HRE provides is advanced but also cost effective, which provides opportunities for quick ROI and opportunities to scale. This especially applies to microgrid solutions where you can rapidly make a return due to the low cost of operation and attractive profit margins.

HRE believes access to electricity is a human right, and has set out to provide individuals, organizations, companies, cities and nations with incredible technology that will allow us to collectively work towards a more sustainable future where everyone has access to power.